YouTube To Launch 60 TV Channels

Setting up its own online TV channels, YouTube portal intends to increase and to win in the hard competition with television. 11 out of 60 new thematic channels will be launched in Germany.

The most famous video hosting in the world – YouTube – is creating 60 new online channels worldwide to compete with the classic television. 11 of them will be created in Germany as the German newspaper reported several days ago.

Initial financial aim from the Google internet group, the official owner of YouTube, will help to set up studios in different countries and to start creating original content for the thematic programs of the YouTube website. For example, a television company Endemol will present “A Survival Guide for Parents”, Ufa will broadcast The Guide to Berlin’s culture, while Onkel Berni, a youth music group from Berlin, will run its night show.

It is high time for global expansion

“Now is the right time to accelerate our growth,” – Robert Kyncl, the vice president of content YouTube. said in the interview with Die Welt.

The leaders of the video hosting hope to attract users so that they would subscribe to YouTube TV shows of their preference and would be more likely to use the service in the Internet, preferring them to the traditional TV channels.

YouTube will give only a start-up capital

According to Kyncl, the activity of the channels makers should not be limited to providing good video: they have to be entrepreneurs, to intrigue their audience, advertise their channels in social networks like Facebook. “For classical producers, it means a complete change of thinking – they have to take on the tasks that were previously done for them by television.”

If a program becomes well-promoted, YouTube may reject the funding and let the channel exist on advertising money because more than a half of the ads revenue goes to content creators.


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