Woman's condition deteriorated due to running more mobile, right hand had to be cut

Woman’s condition deteriorated due to running more mobile, right hand had to be cut:

Amy Laurie

Mobile, mobile and mobile… Nowadays this is the word on everyone’s tongue. Someone is using an expensive phone, someone is using a cheap phone and someone is using a feature phone but one thing is common that everyone has the phone, but can you imagine that your hand is due to using mobile Have to cut? Can’t think So think now, because a woman has had to cut her right hand due to mobile.

Amy Laurie with his husband

This is the story of Amy Laurie, 35, of Ireland. Amy Laurie will be sorry for her life as to why she did not control the use of mobile in time. Lauri’s hands swollen in the year 2018, so she ignored it.

Amy Laurie

Later the boils in the hands started and the pain increased significantly. Amy then visits the doctor. When medical report came, Lori’s senses flew away. Amy had become cancerous due to running over mobile.


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The doctor told Laurie that the cancer is spreading through the arm through the whole body. There is no way other than cutting hands to stop it. According to Laurie, her husband used to make fun of her in the beginning that she had a boil in her hand, but what she knew was that she had cancer.


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