Why do Pandits and Brahmins keep a peak on their head?
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Often you have seen Pandits and Brahmins keeping the peak on the ground. But you have wondered why these people do this. Today we will tell you about why Brahmins and Pandits have a peak on their head. Before this, we tell you what is the difference between a Pandit and a Brahmin. Pundits are by karma and Brahmin people by birth. Let us now know the secret of their peak-

Earlier all Brahmins used to pull their hair every day. Before daily practice, he used to pull the pinch and tie it tightly. It is believed that by doing this, cultivation was better and a deeper feeling towards God was born.


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According to tradition, when Hindu Brahmins initiate or cremate young children, they remove the remaining hairs from their head and leave a pinch. The Brahmin’s children hold their braid before meditation, twisting, turning and pulling it. They put enough emphasis on that point before tying the head braid.

Sushumna nadi is said to be the biggest reason for brahmin men to have a peak on their head. It is said that this pulse occurs just below the peak, which is also more sensitive than other open spaces of the cranial system.


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It is believed that heat can be easily controlled by placing a peak on the head. This is the reason that since ancient times, there is a trend to keep the peak on the head.

The body has five chakras, one of which is the Sahasrar Chakra, which is in the middle of the head. By keeping the peak at this place, this cycle is awakened, along with it the intellect and mind are also controlled.


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