What is hospital cash insurance

What is hospital cash insurance:

What is hospital cash insurance
What is hospital cash insurance

With the change in time, insurance companies keep using new ones. Under this, insurance companies have created hospital cash insurance. It is also called Hospitalash Insurance. Let us tell you what it is and what are its benefits…

What is Hospitality Insurance?

It is an everyday hospital cash benefit insurance. In this, the insurance company makes a cash payment to the insured on a daily basis for hospitalization. It can also be taken with health insurance or separately.


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How is it beneficial?

The amount received under this insurance has nothing to do with the cost of treatment. The sum assured can be used for any purpose. These can be expenses that are not covered in health insurance. This includes loss of income during hospitalization.


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Hospitality is different from health insurance

Hospital cash insurance is different from health insurance. There is no reimbursement of the cost of treatment. It is only for meeting other expenses. To get a claim under this insurance, only proof of hospitalization is required. It is a supplemental insurance of health insurance.


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What is the amount received?

In hospital cash insurance, the claim is based only on the number of days of hospitalization. This happens on the basis of claim insurance. Under this insurance, a maximum claim of up to Rs 10,000 per day is available. Claim is available for a maximum stay of 30-45 days.

More benefits in ICU recruitment

If an insured is admitted in ICU, then he gets more benefits under Hospital Cash Insurance. Most companies double the amount they get on a daily basis. However, it can also be five times depending on the policy.

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