smart covid-19 mask


This mask is also capable of making phone calls.

Connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

Will operate through mobile app.

After the spread of infection, the health sector is working very fast. New things are going on fast. Until a few days ago, Smart Band was used only for mobile notifications, step count and heart rate, but after spreading the infection, there have been such smartbands in the market which are also telling body temperature and also know about blood pressure.

This company made smart mask, can translate into eight languages
Letest Mask for covid-19 disease

In the same sequence, a Japanese startup has created a smart mask keeping in mind the transition that remains connected to the Internet. This mask can also be heard by reading the messages on the phone. In addition, this mask is also able to translate the Japanese language into eight other languages.

Connected to the phone via Bluetooth:

The company has named this special mask as c-mask which will be connected to the Bluetooth of the smartphone and will operate through a mobile app. This mask can also make a phone call upon giving voice commands. It is created by a startup named Donut Robotics.

Regarding the launch of this mask, Donut Robotics CEO Taisuke Ono said, ‘We have worked hard for many years to prepare the robot and now we are using the same technology in infection fighting products .


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5,000 units of the C-mask will be delivered in the market by September. The CEO of the company also wants to supply this mask in China, America and Europe. A mask costs $ 40, or about Rs 3,000. A mobile app will also be introduced to operate the mask.


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