jaduai bakra in india
jadui bakrid in india
Goat For Bakrid

Bakrid is about to come, before this, a crowd of people has started to buy goats in the markets. Goats are a bit expensive at the time of goat compared to ordinary days, but the price of a goat has reached millions in Banda. Even after this, people want to bring more and more money to their home.

In fact, in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda district a goat’s head was written ‘Mohammad’. After this the price of this five thousand goat reached in lakhs. There was a competition among people to buy it. In the Nivada village of Mahua block of Banda, ‘Mohammed’ was written on the head of the goat. After this, there is an influx of those who see the goat.

Due to the lockdown, the market of goats has not been established yet, although people are appearing in the markets for a few goats. Some people have started going towards villages to buy goats. People who have fattened goats in the villages, people are searching for them and reaching them. People are reaching to buy goats in the villages.


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People are also arriving in Nivada village of Mahua block of Banda to buy goats. Here the name of the Prophet Mohammad Sahab was found written on the head of a goat. After this, there was a competition to see and buy this goat.

Goat owner Mohammad Hasim said that the goat has been almost two years old. As soon as people came to know that ‘Mohammed’ was written on the head of the goat, its price has increased considerably. He told that he had not thought that people would be ready to pay up to one lakh thirty thousand for the goat of five thousand.


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