mobile cover
mobile cover
Remove the cover of your phone now and throw it away if you have read this reason ..

There was a time when if you throw a phone in a fight, then the head of the person used to explode or the side goods would be broken, but your phone is broken. But the modern phones have become more expensive than our kidneys, but they are negligible in strength. Everyone uses the cover in their phone to get rid of such problems. But do you know that you can face many problems even by putting a cover on the phone? Let’s tell-


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Disadvantages of Plastic Covers

Most covers for phones are made of plastic. They also protect the screen from breaking when the phone falls. But the plastic cover makes your phone warmer. Due to the continuous work of the phone, the heat generated in the phone is not able to come out due to the plastic cover. This affects the performance of the phone.

Charging problem-

Some plastic covers are such that phones are unable to connect to the charging cable. For this, the phone cover has to be removed. In such a situation, do not buy such covers in which charging cable cannot be installed.


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Metal covers are also problem-

Metal covers do not allow heat to rise in the phone, but these covers also have two problems. The first is that they are not waterproof. If it gets soaked in water, it can cause rust and if your phone has body metal, then it will also rust and this causes the body of the phone to deteriorate. Not only this, the metal curb does not save the phone from falling as well.

So what is the solution-

If you do not want to put a cover in the phone, then there are some screens in the market that are like a tape cover. They protect the phone from dust, dirt and water. At the same time, most users place a tempered glass on the phone which protects the phone’s screen. In such a situation, tempered glass can also be a better option.


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