North Arabian Sea was Gharch Laden’s body osama killed in pakistan

U.S. military action in Pakistan ऐbtabad killed in Al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden ‘s body in the North Arabian Sea Gharch (sunk) was.

The matter was expected to be buried on the ground after his tomb became the center of his supporters may Akaidh.

The world’s most wanted terrorist in Pakistan late last night by U.S. special forces had killed a particular campaign. The last action was in accordance with Islamic traditions, his body and into the sea Gharch been.

A senior official said, “Today, on board USS Carl Vinsn religious rites after completing the body Gharch been at sea.” The official said the action was launched internationally over time at night at 1:10 and lasted two hours.

Officials in the process took about 50 minutes. Officials said the bodies were first Neahlahaya and kept wrapped in white sheets.

He has decided to Gharch body at sea because no country was willing to take the body.

U.S. at sea before being Gharch several methods to examine the body. Officials said the DNA test proved 100 percent successful and it was through the body was laden.


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