5 dangerous women of the world
5 dangerous women of the world

5 dangerous women of the world:

You must have heard and seen the names of big don and criminals who are often male, but we will tell you about women whose acts will make you tremble.

It is said that these women have created such an empire of terror that the people of the world are afraid, so let’s tell you about those 5 dangerous women: –

1. Don La China:

Don La China

Don La China is from Mexico, it has killed 180 people so far. It is said that she is a very angry woman. Let me tell you that when the people of his own gang wanted to remove him from the post of gang leader, he killed them all. After this he formed a new gang of his own. Then whoever went against him was killed.


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2. Shobha Iyer:

Shobha Iyer
Shobha Iyer

It is one of the most wanted female gangsters in India. Explain that Interpol has also issued a notice against it. But the police do not have any clue about its value so far.

3. Maria Leone:

Maria is the mother of 13 children as well as the head of a notorious gang. Please tell that Maria was found guilty of drug trafficking and Mann’s body. But it could not be caught. With this, Maria has secured the first place in the list of the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles. Please tell that Maria also has the support of the mafia of Mexico.

4. Claudia Felix:

Claudia Felix

Claudia Felix has earned the reputation of organized crime as Kim Kardashian. Felix is ​​said to have been responsible for killing hundreds of hundreds, having become the new chief of the Mexican gang in 2014, the US intelligence agency claimed to head the gang’s “most powerful illegal trade organization in the world” being formed by Felix. Hai, it is considered one of the most dangerous gangs.


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5. Joanna Denny:

Joanna Denny

Joan Denhi of England has been sentenced to life imprisonment as one of the most dangerous female killer of Madunia. 31-year-old Joan has killed 10 people including her husband, including her husband. Joan, the mother of two, is so dangerous that she can never be released from prison.

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