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The social network Facebook has come at the first place, leaving behind the major IT companies such as Apple and Google in terms of brand value. It was determined from the set of brand mentionings in news media reports and social media for the third quarter of this year. The research was held by General Sentiment, the research analyst company.

It is the first time when Facebook was included in the rating of General Sentiment and immediately the social network took  the first place, being followed by such giants in IT sphere as Apple (took the second place), Google (the third place), Amazon ( the fifth place), Samsung (the sixth ), Microsoft (the seventh place).

The analysts estimated the Facebook brand mentionings at 751 million dollars, more than half of this sum was determined by messages from Twitter, a microblogging service. Apple with the figures of 657 million dollars has taken the 2nd place, overrunning Google with its 547 million dollars. The distribution of these companies’ references in news media, social networks and Twitter are approximately equal.

The success of the world’s largest social network was reached thanks to Impact Media Value, the methodology rating, in which all references to brand were counted in its favor, regardless of their emotional coloring. In recent months Facebook was often referred with some very  negative connotations (echoes of the controversial IPO, the first report for a quarter as a public company, discouraging fall in stocks, the charges of violating the privacy of users, etc.), although there were some positive stories.

Apple has managed to overtake Google Inc, in particular, thanks to the loud announcement of the iPhone 5 and thanks to criticism from the users of poorly developed map service in iOS 6, the new Apple operating system.

MTV Media brand has taken the fourth position in the ranking, having moved up from the 15th place. In its evaluation of 536 million dollars, almost all money (519 mln) is earned thanks to Twitter references.

In the authoritative ranking of the brands total value, compiled by Interbrand, Facebook occupies only 69th place, and the first five positions are given to such companies as Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Google and Microsoft. Compared to General Sentiment, a company Interbrand considers a wider set of indicators that affect the final grade.

The U.S. Company General Sentiment specializes in social network analysis studies and evaluation of PR-campaigns in the Internet.

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