Donald Trump Tiktok facebook ads

Donald Trump, campaigning against Tiktok by using facebook ads:

Donald Trump, campaigning against Tiktok by using facebook ads

After banning Tiktok’s 59 Chinese apps in India, the US is also talking about banning Tiktok. A few days ago, the US had said that if Ticktok had to work in America, he would have to break ties with China, whereas now the world’s most powerful man has started a campaign against Ticketock.


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We are talking about US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been against China for a long time. Trump has been angry with China after the infection spread. Meanwhile, he has started a campaign against the Chinese short video app Ticktok. Donald Trump has released an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram against Baktika Tiktok.


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New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz has tweeted the information about Trump’s anti-Ticktok campaign. The tagline of the Ticketock campaign of Trump was ‘Ticketlock is spying on you.’ The poster reads TEXT “TRUMP” TO 88022

If you look closely, Donald Trump is targeting China through this campaign and also trying to woo voters for the next election, because clicking on the link with the advertisement opens a survey In which, do you think Trump should ban TickTock in America? Questions like this are being asked and at the same time users have been requested to donate money for Trump’s election campaign.

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