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Dil Tod K Song: The song rocked Tehelka on YouTube, saw 25 million people in 4 days:

‘Dil Tod Ke’, released in the voice of famous singer B Prak, is very much liked by the people. The heart-touching music, the song with B Prak’s voice and good lyrics, is breaking records worldwide. How much people are liking this song can be gauged from the fact that it has been seen 25 million times in just 4 days of its release.

What is the theme of the song:

This is in a breakup song in which Kashish Vohra and Abhishek Singh fall in love with each other, but later Kashish breaks up with Abhishek and gets engaged to Zubeen. Some lyrics of this anthem have been taken from the song ‘Dil Tod Hansati Ho Mera’ from the old film ‘Bewafa Sanam’.

Dil tod ke hasti ho mera song


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The song is voiced by B. Prak and filmed on IAS officers Abhishek Singh, Kashish Wohar and Zubin Shah. Abhishek’s performance in the song is also being praised. It is not wrong to say that the song ‘Dil Tod Ke’ by B Prak and Abhishek Singh has created a ruckus. This song has managed to touch the hearts of music lovers. Let me tell you that Abhishek is going to appear in Netflix’s Delhi Crime 2 soon. Abhishek Singh has previously appeared in the short film Char Char. Abhishek’s acting was also well-liked in that film.

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