Covid-19 update:India becomes 7th most-affected country in world

India becomes 7th most-affected country in world

8392 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours concerning Covid-19 pandemic in India.The worst affected territories continue to be metros like Mumbai and Delhi but at the moment what’s concerning is that India has reached the seventh spot in terms of 10 worst affected nations across the world and that journey has been covered with in just one week.

As of now the total number of 1090535 cases have been registered from various states across  the country.This includes more than 90000 active cases and total number of cured and discharged
also stands.

Above the 90000 mark total number of deaths because of coronavirus in the country are now had 5390 for the state of Maharashtra continues to be big worry having crossed the 67,000 mark on its cone and new cases in the last 24 hours in Mumbai alone were at 1244 and that takes the total number of
cases within Mumbai the financial capital of India to above 39,000.

If we could talk about the national capital in the last 24 hours around a similar number of 1295 new cases were registered and that takes total number of cases in Delhi to above 19,000.In fact this is what the figure looks like at the moment while Maharashtra continues to be the biggest worry with more than 67,000 cases which includes 36,000 active cases.

Top 10 Most afftected country by Covid-19

  1. USA
  4. UK
  5. SPAIN
  6. ITALY
  7. INDIA
  10. IRAN

Tamil Nadu comes in at second spot in terms of most affected states in India it has crossed the 22,000 mark and Delhi also seeing a steady rise in cases at least for the last one week breaking new records in terms of registering new covert 19 cases within 24 hours.Yesterday the total number of cases which have been reported in Delhi are very close to the number which was registered in Mumbai which is worst-affected Metro in the country.

Now even as these numbers are rising what India is facing at hand is the task of unlocking itself from at least four phases of intense lockdowns that we have witnessed over the last couple of months.We are now going to
enter the stage of what we call unlock 1.0.Several services are going to be back in action now including restaurants opening up places of worship opening up more mobility available for people through public transport intrastate but how is it panning out People in various states across the country.

All you need to know about coronavirus

  • MAHARASHTRA: 2,487 new cases, tally rises to 67,655.
  • DELHI: 1,295 new, tally reaches 19,844.
  • GUJARAT: 438 new cases, total now 16,794.
  • RAJASTHAN: 214 new cases, 8,831 total.
  • UTTAR PRADESH: 262 new cases, tally reaches 7,823.
  • WEST BENGAL: 371 new cases, tally rises to 5,501.
  • KARNATAKA: 299 new cases, tally rises to 3,221.
  • ANDHRA PRADESH: 98 new cases, total reaches 3,042.
  • TELANGANA: 199 new cases, total rises to 2,698.
  • JAMMU AND KASHMIR: 105 new cases, 2,446 total.
  • PUNJAB: 30 new cases, tally reaches 2,263.
  • HARYANA: 168 new cases, total 2,091.
  • ODISHA: 129 new cases, total reaches 1,948.
  • ASSAM: 56 new cases, 1,272 total cases.
  • UTTARAKHAND: 105 new cases, tally reaches 907.
  • JHARKHAND: 16 new cases, total reaches 610.
  • MANIPUR: 9 new cases, total reaches 71.
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