covid-19 cases in pakistan

The situation in Pakistan is getting worse than Bihar-America, these pictures have gone viral in Corona:

covid-19 case in pakistan

Pakistan has reported 903 new coronavirus cases, the lowest in more than three months, taking the total tally of infections in the country to 278,305, the health ministry said on Friday.

The Ministry of National Health Service (NHS) said the new 903 infections are the lowest number of cases detected in a day since April 28 when 806 patients were diagnosed after the authorities performed 8,530 tests.


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Corona has caused havoc all over the world. The virus has spread across the world, originating from China. In the last few months, countries like America-UK have been transformed into a pile of zombies.


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After this, this virus has started causing havoc in India too in a few months. Despite the lockdown since March 23, a total of 1.6 million cases of corona have been reported in India so far. At the same time, the death toll from this is going to reach 36 thousand.


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At the same time, the total cases of corona in Pakistan are 2 lakh 78 thousand. While the death toll is 6 thousand. Let me tell you that the reason is not that people in Pakistan are defeating Corona.

Actually, the corona tests in Pakistan are getting quite low. Because of this there are less cases. But some such photos have come out from Pakistan on social media, which is showing that the Corona explosion is going to happen soon in this country.


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Yes, Corona’s conditions in this country can be quite terrible. Neither social distancing nor mask, people in this country seem to be mocking Corona. Looking at these pictures of Pakistan, you will also be convinced that how careless these people are …

This picture showing a mob of Pakistani government employees outside a bank in Peshawar. Social distancing is very important to defeat coronovirus. But it does not seem to be happening here.
Police in Lahore feeding people. These people are looking so close to each other on the road without any distance.
In Karachi, a woman was seen crowding while receiving help from the government under the Corona Relief Fund. Under the Realization Emergency Cash Program, people are being given money there.
The situation is similar in Islamabad too. People are gathering crowds by setting up shops in the market there. Which is clearly showing how careless people have become.
In Peshawar, public servants crowded to take salary by defying social distancing. People here are living the life of Corona in a joke.
Crowds of people engaged in Quetta to get free food being distributed by the Sailani Welfare Trust.
People crowded to get free food in Multan. People are standing by the crowd to take food.
It is being said that if there is correct and large scale corona testing here, then this country will leave behind any other country.
The government is also very careless with Pakistanis. But the government has run many vehicles for corona disinfection in the country.
The government is trying, but people’s negligence is helping to make it a corona bomb. But the carelessness of the people can outweigh the world.


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