Android Malware 'BlackRock'

Warning: Android Malware ‘BlackRock’ can steal your banking information:

The country’s cyber security agency has issued a warning against ‘BlackRock’, an Android malware. This malware has the ability to steal banking and other confidential data of the user.

Android Malware 'BlackRock'
Android Malware ‘BlackRock’

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has said in an advisory that it is capable of stealing passwords and credit card-sensitive information from more than 300 apps in addition to malware, email, e-commerce apps, social media apps.

ThreatFabric researchers say BlackRock overlays happen towards phishing financial, social media, communications, dating, news, shopping, lifestyle, and productivity apps.

CERT-In, an information technology security organization working under the Indian Department of Information Technology, said in its advisory that this ‘Trojan’ category virus attack campaign is active globally.


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This malware works just like other banking Trojans, although its special feature is that it can target as many apps as possible. It not only steals users’ login credentials (username and password), but also encourages them to enter payment card information.


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The ‘Black Rock’ malware was revealed in May this year. Hackers are making users their victims through 337 Android apps, in which this malware is present.

Researchers at ThreatFabric, however, say the BlackRock malware can also perform other intrusive operations. The list is as follows:

–Intercept SMS messages
–Perform SMS floods
–Spam contacts with predefined SMS
–Start specific apps
–Log key taps (keylogger functionality)
–Show custom push notifications
–Sabotage mobile antivirus apps, and more


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