dacoit abandons in nizeria
Pair of cows given IN Nigeria
Pair of cows given IN Nigeria

The government of the Zamfara State of Nigeria has made a declaration that under which a dacoit abandons his criminal life and surrenders with his AK-47, he will be given two cows for each AK-47 gun.

According to state governor Bello Matavale, the move is aimed at motivating the dacoits to give up their criminal lives and become law-abiding citizens. According to a BCC report, Governor Matawalle said in a statement, “These repentant dacoits first bought guns in exchange for their cows but now want to be free from crime. We are appealing to them to give us AK-47 Bring two rifles and take two cows in return. We hope that this scheme will empower and encourage them. “


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In Nigeria, people involved in large-scale robberies and other criminal activities in the north, northwest and central regions have created a lot of product. These bikes are questions that have a dangerous weapon like the An-47. These people carry out incidents like kidnapping in a very easy way. Kaduna, Katsina, Niger and Sokoto states of Nigeria are also affected by these dacoits. Bello Matavale has promised that they will also tamp down the gunsmith camps that are in the jungles.

According to the BBC, an average cow in Northern Nigeria costs around 100,000 naira ($ 260), while in the black market an AK-47 can cost 500,000 naira ($ 1,200).

The Fulani shepherd community, mainly those who consider cows to be very valuable, are suspected to be behind local and cross-border armed robbery and cattle-stirring. However, these people have been continuously rejecting these allegations.


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According to the 2012 report, the population of Jamfara is around 4.5 million and the literacy rate of the state is 54.7 percent. The people of this state attach great importance to agriculture and their slogan is agriculture is our pride. The Hauja and Fulani communities live in this state.

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