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Happy iPad Mini launch day! Sure the iPad Mini is cute. But the gurus at ifixit.com – home of repair manuals and parts for gadgets galore – want to get to the bottom of the device. So yes, they dissected an out-of-the-box unit earlier this week in their iPad MiniTeardown. View the step by step process at the video below or on their website.

Interesting findings along the way include:

  • Held together with “lots of adhesive”
  • Glass not fused to the front display – makes for easy repairability
  • Same metal plate protecting internals, like with newest iPod Touch
  • Confusion as to batteries real specs (information on the battery varies versus spec information released by Apple). Regardless, ifixit seems curious as to whether battery will last 10 hours – as reported – as the mini battery has about 50% of the power of an iPad 2.
  • Dock connector sodered to the logic board – means connector replacement has to include a new board


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