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By Hindustan Times

Aamir Khan stands by his word. On his popular TV show, Satyamev Jayate, the actor had promised Shanno, a female cab driver who was a victim of domestic violence, that whenever he visited Delhi next, he would hire her vehicle.

So when the actor arrived in the Capital for two days (to present his research on medical malpractices in Parliament), he hired a cab from Sakha, the agency that Shanno works with. It also helps victims of domestic violence. For the two days that Aamir was in Delhi, he made it a point to travel all around the city in Shanno’s cab. Meenu Vadera, who runs Sakha, confirms, “Aamir kept his word. He used our service.”

On the show, Shanno had said that earlier people knew her by her father and husband’s name, but now they know her as Shanno Driver. Her tale of having put an end to the torture inflicted on her by her husband with a tight slap was one of the high points of the show. We tried talking to Shanno about Aamir’s visit, but her phone remained unavailable.

Aamir Khan is known for his interactions with the common man. Aamir Khan had used a rickshaw driver’s services during the promotion of 3 Idiots, when he was going around in disguise. A couple of months ago, Aamir attended the driver’s son’s wedding in Benaras. He bought garments from the ailing weavers of Chanderi, again during the promotion of 3 Idiots. He is apparently still in touch with the artisans.

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