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PL 5 Schedule 2012

Match No. Date & Day Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue
1 4th April,Wednesday 8 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Mumbai Indians Chennai
2 5th April, Thursday 8 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi Daredevils Kolkata
3 6th April, Friday 4 p.m. Mumbai Indians Pune Warriors India Mumbai
4 6th April, Friday 8 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Kings XI Punjab Jaipur
5 7th April, Saturday 4 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Delhi Daredevils Bangalore
6 7th April, Saturday 8 p.m. Deccan Chargers Chennai Super Kings Vizag
7 8th April, Sunday 4 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Kolkata Knight Riders Jaipur
8 8th April, Sunday 8 p.m. Pune Warriors India Kings XI Punjab Pune
9 9th April, Monday 8 p.m. Deccan Chargers Mumbai Indians Vizag
10 10th April, Tuesday 4 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata Knight Riders Bangalore
11 10th April, Tuesday 8 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Chennai Super Kings Delhi
12 11th April,Wednesday 8 p.m. Mumbai Indians Rajasthan Royals Mumbai
13 12th April, Thursday 4 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Royal Challengers Bangalore Chennai
14 12th April, Thursday 8 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Pune Warriors India Mohali
15 13th April, Friday 8 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Rajasthan Royals Kolkata
16 14th April, Saturday 4 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Deccan Chargers Delhi
17 14th April, Saturday 8 p.m. Pune Warriors India Chennai Super Kings Pune
18 15th April, Sunday 4 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Kings XI Punjab Kolkata
19 15th April, Sunday 8 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Rajasthan Royals Bangalore
20 16th April, Monday 8 p.m. Mumbai Indians Delhi Daredevils Mumbai
21 17th April, Tuesday 4 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Deccan Chargers Jaipur
22 17th April, Tuesday 8 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Pune Warriors India Bangalore
23 18th April,Wednesday 8 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Kolkata Knight Riders Mohali
24 19th April, Thursday 4 p.m. Deccan Chargers Delhi Daredevils Hyderabad/Cuttack
25 19th April, Thursday 8 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Pune Warriors India Chennai
26 20th April, Friday 8 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Royal Challengers Bangalore Mohali
27 21st April, Saturday 4 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Rajasthan Royals Chennai
28 21st April, Saturday 8 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Pune Warriors India Delhi
29 22nd April, Sunday 4 p.m. Mumbai Indians Kings XI Punjab Mumbai
30 22nd April, Sunday 8 p.m. Deccan Chargers Kolkata Knight Riders Hyderabad/Cuttack
31 23rd April, Monday 8 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Royal Challengers Bangalore Jaipur
32 24th April, Tuesday 4 p.m. Pune Warriors India Delhi Daredevils Pune
33 24th April, Tuesday 8 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Deccan Chargers Kolkata
34 25th April,Wednesday 4 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Mumbai Indians Mohali
35 25th April,Wednesday 8 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Chennai Super Kings Bangalore
36 26th April, Thrusday 8 p.m. Pune Warriors India Deccan Chargers Pune
37 27th April, Friday 8 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Mumbai Indians Delhi
38 28th April, Saturday 4 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Kings XI Punjab Chennai
39 28th April, Saturday 8 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata
40 29th April, Sunday 4 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Rajasthan Royals Delhi
41 29th April, Sunday 8 p.m. Mumbai Indians Deccan Chargers Mumbai
42 30th April, Monday 8 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai
43 1st May, Tuesday 4 p.m. Deccan Chargers Pune Warriors India Hyderabad
44 1st May, Tuesday 8 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Delhi Daredevils Jaipur
45 2nd May,Wednesday 8 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Kings XI Punjab Bangalore
46 3rd May, Thursday 8 p.m. Pune Warriors India Mumbai Indians Pune
47 4th May, Friday 8 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Deccan Chargers Chennai
48 5th May, Saturday 4 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Pune Warriors India Kolkata
49 5th May, Saturday 8 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Rajasthan Royals Mohali
50 6th May, Sunday 4 p.m. Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings Mumbai
51 6th May, Sunday 8 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Deccan Chargers Bangalore
52 7th May, Monday 8 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi
53 8th May, Tuesday 4 p.m. Pune Warriors India Rajasthan Royals Pune
54 8th May, Tuesday 8 p.m. Deccan Chargers Kings XI Punjab Hyderabad
55 9th May,Wednesday 8 p.m. Mumbai Indians Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai
56 10th May, Thursday 8 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Chennai Super Kings Jaipur
57 11th May, Friday 8 p.m. Pune Warriors India Royal Challengers Bangalore Pune
58 12th May, Saturday 4 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians Kolkata
59 12th May, Saturday 8 p.m. Chennai Super Kings Delhi Daredevils Chennai
60 13th May, Sunday 4 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Pune Warriors India Jaipur
61 13th May, Sunday 8 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Deccan Chargers Mohali
62 14th May, Monday 4 p.m. Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai Indians Bangalore
63 14th May, Monday 8 p.m. Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai Super Kings Kolkata
64 15th May, Tuesday 8 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Kings XI Punjab Delhi
65 16th May,Wednesday 8 p.m. Mumbai Indians Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai
66 17th May, Thursday 4 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Chennai Super Kings Dharamsala
67 17th May, Thursday 8 p.m. Delhi Daredevils Royal Challengers Bangalore Delhi
68 18th May, Friday 8 p.m. Deccan Chargers Rajasthan Royals Hyderabad
69 19th May, Saturday 4 p.m. Kings XI Punjab Delhi Daredevils Dharamsala
70 19th May, Saturday 8 p.m. Pune Warriors India Kolkata Knight Riders Pune
71 20th May, Sunday 4 p.m. Deccan Chargers Royal Challengers Bangalore Hyderabad
72 20th May, Sunday 8 p.m. Rajasthan Royals Mumbai Indians Jaipur
Qualifier 1 22nd May, Tuesday 8 p.m. 1st Place Team 2nd Place Team Bangalore
Eliminator 23rd May,Wednesday 8 p.m. 3rd Place Team 4th Place Team Bangalore
Qualifier 2 25th May, Friday 8 p.m. Winner of Eliminator Loser of Qualifier 1 Chennai
Final 27th May, Sunday 8 p.m. Winner of Qualifier 1 Winner of Qualifier 2 Chennai


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