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Profile: Anchal is one fiery chic and is out to prove that girls can do whatever boys do just as well, her never-say-die spirit & strong instinct make her fit into Roadies well. She can be very sweet if the other person is sweet. But, if someone is nasty, she will show them her true colors.

Age: 20

Origin: New Delhi

Fears: Getting married, believes she is not made for it.

Reason to Ride: To prove to her family, friends and the world, that one should never underestimate a girl. Girls are as independent and capable as the next guy

Honesty or Success: Being successful while being honest would be like an icing on the cake. But if that’s not meant to be, success would definitely beat honesty.

Society Decides right & wrong. Agree/Disagree:Yes it does but most of the time society has no real idea about the situation. Moreover in case of a girl, society is always unfair


Three Adjectives to describe her: Cute, psychotic & crazy

Is all fair in love & war: Very true, everything’s fair! Especially in war and THIS (Roadies) is WAR!

Weirdest thing she has done to impress someone: She has not done anything so far to impress any one, however the craziest thing she has done is, launched a fake FIR against her school in exchange for a full attendance



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