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India defeat Australia in the capacity crown prince

India’s star batsman Yuvraj Singh believes that the Indian team’s World Cup is a good chance of beating Australia, because some key players retired after the past champions were not much stronger.

After defeating West Indies by 80 runs on Sunday, India found the right to take on Australia in the quarterfinals. India’s Yuvraj win Jrne century and two wickets Actkaayae.

He said,”They have won five matches. Currently both teams are equal. On any given day the team won the match will play better. No doubt the Australian team is good, the last three titles have been won.”

Yuvraj said after the match press conference,”the team though Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist have such players. Ricky Ponting is not in any form. Our focus by highlighting his weaknesses began to try to win.”

Yuvraj’s innings 113 runs against West Indies to play in the top order bat that helps, because you can bat long

Yuvraj said,”I wanted to make a century. When you are batting at number four, you get to play more balls than the fifth. I thought I’ll play ball in the air and ground will play shots. I was concentrating on his game and the first match, which I hit the ball well.”

Yuvraj Singh is confident that his team from the storm without any trouble will be able to face bowlers. He said,”short ball is not an issue. We are the world’s number one Test and ODI team. Is a problem with the short ball, we are not at the top. Of course we know that they are quite fast and the pace bowler to wicket. We are ready for it.”

India not playing the full 50 overs to get the crown prince said,”this is for you (media) is the issue. We are happy that we are ready for the quarterfinals.”


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