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NATO’s attack on Libya are continuing. Meanwhile, Gaddafi, saying the war clash of civilizations have tried to divide the world. India, China and some countries including Turkey, are not in favor of the war. While the President and Prime Minister of Russia on this issue now different – different opinions have been exposed.

U.S. under the pretext of helping the rebels in Libya, Italy, France and Britain share the army continues to attack. Tom Hawk coalition military bases targeted by cruise missiles is. Coup attempt began to have taken a form of rebellion by the war.

Ten kilometers away from Tripoli Naval Base has also tried to ruin. Coalition forces attacked and no-fly zone on Libya to fast Dayara thousand kilometers has increased.

Launch attacks first surfaced after the dictator Gddafzie and finally claimed victory with the entire strut would be the same.Muaammar Gddafzie coalition attack Islam against crusade Terming while your supporters instigating are world Islamic Tkaztoan Cemented having are appealing.

On the other hand UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has made clear that the fight will continue until then, until the people of Libya’s Gaddafi attacks do not stop.

Colonel Gddafzie most important is that the people they massacre stop, stop its troops. As long as they do, no-fly zone for military operations will continue to apply.

Gaddafi in Tripoli from the pro-military city 214 kilometers Misrato And, fierce fighting continues between insurgents. The onslaught of dictatorship in Libya, the countdown has begun, but will end when it counts, no one knows.


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