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Washington . Indinoan top secret in China as a warship capable of destroying anti – ship ballistic missile project is underway. a distinguished English newspaper the Washington Times quoted a U.S. Navy A senior official of China, the top secret missile project has revealed.

Washington Times reported the U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Robert F. Willards a newspaper interview last Sunday in a Japanese anti – ship ballistic missile is said about the project. 

According to media reports, Anti – Ballistic missile ship is so advanced that his hitting U.S. warships and other warships can not escape. Being told that Chinese warships in the sea as these missiles seem multiplied the power of China will.

In the new year will be China’s first aircraft carrier
China, in 2011 its first aircraft carrier in the ocean can take off. China’s senior military officials and top leadership has confirmed. According to media reports in the coming Chinese aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean trade route will be deployed to protect. Is believed to be held in July in the Chinese Communist celebrations on the occasion of the Chinese navy will be assigned to it.

The Chinese naval intelligence far the project is described, according to defense experts, the aircraft carrier will be equipped with ultra modern weapons and their range will be the destroyer ships. Tell you that right now in South Asia is the only aircraft carrier to India and Thailand.

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