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Mercedes has got this car right but at a price. Based on the luxury sedan, the E-Class Cabriolet represents the freedom of driving. It’s a vehicle that celebrates the fun of motoring while cocooning the driver in luxury.

Incidentally, the Cabriolet marks the seventh offering within the E-Class range, making it one of the widest range of luxury vehicles available in the country.

Priced at Rs. 64.5 lakh (exshowroom Delhi), the E-Class Cabriolet boasts of a soft top made of extremely high quality insulation that allows for comfortable driving even with the top up. The convertible also features a unique AIRCAP feature which is an automatic wind deflector that can be deployed at the touch of a button in order to reduce the amount of airflow towards the interiors of the vehicle, basically translating to the fact that you can drive the car with the roof down and not mess up your hairstyle!

Powering the Cabriolet is the 3.5 litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine from Mercedes-Benz that churns out 272 hp @ 6000 rpm and makes a staggering 355Nm of torque between 2400 and 5000 rpm. Capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in just 6.9 seconds, the Cabriolet tops out at about 250km/h.

The unique, elegant and sporty exterior design of the E350 cabriolet starts up front with a `cubist’ treatment of the trademark Mercedes-Benz twin headlight face. Two parallelogram lights are cut into the front flared front fenders, bracketing the three-dimensional frame of the front grille.

The two-door, four-seat Mer cedes-Benz E-Class features a classic fabric soft top that can be opened or closed in just 20-sec onds, even at speeds up to 25mph.

Its four-layer convertible top is insulated for low noise and year round comfort, even in very cold or hot weather. With the top down, a new AIRCAP system works at the push of a dash-mounted button to reduce drafts and air turbulence for all four occupants, and an AIRSCARF system can blow heated air directly on the neck area from outlets in the seatback just below the head restraints.

The soft top is stowed in a special compartment behind the rear seats. When the roof is up, the panel between the top stowage area and the trunk can slide to the rear, increasing the trunk capacity. I was dazzled when I took the E350 out on the highway . Even though the top was down and the car was doing 130km/hr,the cabin was calm. When I pushed the sport” button and punched the gas, the engine sounded like a hurricane. There was an angry moan and the car shot forward.

At first glance, putting a fabric top on a car this expensive seems tacky, but this particular soft-top is a marvel. It’s nearly an nch thick and well-insulated against noise and cold. It goes up and down in around 20 seconds.

Its been 24 hours without the convertible sedan after the company took it back from me and I am missing fond memories of driving the E350 Cabrio et. Money being no object, I’d love to own one.

Source: The Financial Express

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