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A weird but true fact, proving that every coin has two sides. After reading the title you all must have gotten confused. You might have even thought that I might have been out of mind in mentioning such stuff. But, I want to tell you some interesting fact which I came across while reading my book. I found that smoking can be good for your health if used wisely. Are you confused? Yes. Don’t worry; your confusion will change into laughter once you go through this article. Actually I have found that cigarettes contain some poly-aromatic hydrocarbons which cause the increased biotransformation of drugs. The drug is converted to a non-toxic form. This non-toxic drug can be safely eliminated from our body. Now, once our need for drug is over, then we take help of smoking for few days to increase the metabolism of drugs and increasing their eliminating rate. This will prevent from the side effects of drugs which can be more dangerous than the smoking effects during the same time period.


Although smoking is good for health, I’m strictly against its use.

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