upsc2[1] 1.(Ref.No.F.1/169/2010-R-II) One Deputy Agricultural Marketing Adviser(Group-III) (Oil & Fats)
2.(Ref.No.F.1/171/2010-R-VI) Three Chief Engineers, Gr. I
3.(Ref.No.F.1/170/2010-R-VI) One Director of Flying Training
4.(Ref.No.F.1/159/2010-R-II) One Senior Scientific Officer, Grade-I (Military Explosives)
5.(Ref. No.F.1/156/2010-R-VI) Four Senior Scientific Officers, Grade-I(Electronics)
6.(Ref.No.F.1/160/2010-R-II) Three Senior Scientific Officers, Grade – I (Metallurgy)
7.(Ref.No.F.1/157/2010-R.VI) Five Senior Scientific Officers, Grade – I in Engineering discipline
8.(Ref.No.F.1/82/2010-R-VI) Three Junior Works Managers (Civil)
9.(Ref.No.F.1/154/2010-R-VI) Eleven Assistant Defence Estates Officers
10.(Ref.No.F.1/138/2010-R-I) Two Assistant Professors (Plastic Surgery)
11.(Ref. No.F.1/124/2010-R-I) Two Assistant Professors(Public Health)
12.(Ref.No.F.1/149/2010-R-I) One Specialist, Grade-II (Anaesthesia)
13.(Ref.No.F.1/125/2010-R-I) One Specialist, Grade-II (Psychiatry)
14.(Ref.No.F.1/105/2010-R-I) Eight Specialists, Grade-II (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
15.(Ref.No.F.1/139/2010-R-I) Two Specialists, Grade-II (Obstetrics & Gynacology)
16.(Ref.No.F.1/172/2010-R-VI) Two Assistant  Directors, Gr. II,  (Production and Development)
17.(Ref.No.F.1/166/2010-R-VI) Fifteen Research Officers(Civil Engineering)
18.(Ref.No.F.1/164/2010-R-VI) Two Research Officers(Scientific Geophysics)
19.(Ref.No.F.1/165/2010-R-VI) Three Research Officers(Mechanical Engineering)
20.(Ref.No.F.1/150/2010-R-I) One Professor (Community Medicine)
21.(Ref.No.F.1/64/2010-R-I) One Senior Lecturer(Immuno Haematology & Blood Transfusion)
22.(Ref.No.F.1/69/2010-R-I) One Specialist, Grade-II(Junior Scale) in Nuclear Medicine
23.(Ref.No.F.1/94/2010-R-I) Three Specialists, Grade-II(Junior Scale) in Tuberculosis

1. Candidates are  requested to apply in the format published along with this Advertisement  No. 13  and NOT write to the Commission for application forms.  They are also requested to go through carefully the details of posts and instructions published below before applying.

2.NATURE  OF POST: All posts belong to General Central Service except otherwise mentioned.  
a)   Posts  at  S. Nos. 1,3,8,9,10,11,13,14, 15,16,17,18,19,22 & 23(2 posts)  are   permanent
b)   Posts at S. Nos.2, 4,5,6,7,12, 20, 21  & 23(1 post) are temporary.

3. PAY SCALE  & CLASSIFICATION  :  (Figures in bracket at the end of the pay scale indicate the approx total emoluments(per month) excluding TA and HRA at the minimum of the scale).     
a)  Rs.37400-67000+10000(Grade pay) + NPA(T.E. Rs.84000)  Group ‘A’ Gazetted  for the post at S.No.20   above
b)  Rs.37400-67000+8700(Grade pay)  (T.E. Rs.62235)  Group ‘A’ Gazetted  for the post at S.No.3    above
c)  Rs.37400-67000+8600(Grade pay) +NPA (T.E. Rs.62100 + NPA)  Group ‘A’ Gazetted  for the post at S.No. 21   above
d)  Rs.15600-39100+Rs.7600 (Grade pay) (T.E. Rs.31320) Group ‘A’ Gazetted for the post at S. No.1 above
e)  Rs.15600-39100+Rs.6600 (Grade pay) (T.E. Rs.29970) Group ‘B’ Non-gazetted for the posts at S.No.2    above
f)  Rs.15600-39100+Rs.6600 (Grade pay)+NPA (T.E. Rs.29970+NPA) Group ‘A’ for the posts at S.Nos.10,11,12,13,14 & 15    above.
g)  Rs.15600-39100+Rs.6600 (Grade pay) NPA not admissible (T.E. Rs.31876) Group ‘A’ for the posts  at S. Nos. 22 & 23    above
h) Rs.15600-39100+Rs.5400(Grade pay)  (T.E. Rs. 28350)  Group ‘A’ Gazetted  for the posts at S.Nos.17,18 & 19  above
i) Rs.10000-15200(T.E. Rs.22050)(Pre-revised) Group ‘A’  for the posts at S. Nos. 4,5,6 & 7 above.
j) Rs.9300-34800+Rs.4600(Grade pay) (T.E. Rs.18765)Group ‘B’ Gazetted  for the posts at S.Nos.8,9 & 16   above


a)   Not exceeding 50 years for the posts at S. Nos.1, 20 & 21
b)  Not exceeding 48 years for  the posts at S. No.11
c) Not exceeding 45 years for the posts at S. Nos.3,10,12,13,14,15,22 & 23
d)   Not exceeding 43 years for the post at S. No.4
e)   Not exceeding 40 years for the posts at S. Nos.2,5,6 & 7
f)  Not exceeding 35 years for the posts at S. Nos.16,17,18 & 19
g) Not exceeding 30 years for the posts at S.No.9
h)  Between 21 and 30 years for the posts at S.No.8

N.B.   The age limit shown against S.Nos.4 & 11 is relaxed age limit for OBC  candidates. The age limit shown against all other  S.Nos is normal age limit and only in these cases  age is relaxable for SC/ST candidates upto 5 years & upto 3 years for OBC candidates in respect of vacancies reserved for them.  AGE  IS ALSO RELAXABLE FOR CENTRAL/UT GOVT SERVANTS UPTO FIVE YEARS AS PER THE INSTRUCTIONS ISSUED BY GOVT OF INDIA FROM TIME TO TIME.  For age concession applicable to other  categories of applicants please see relevant paras of the  Instructions to   Candidates for recruitment by Selection. 

NOTE :  Candidates with  disabilities[ as indicated against Item(s)] can apply to the respective posts even if the post is not reserved for them.  However, such candidates will be considered for selection to such post by general standard of merit.  Persons suffering from not less than 40% of relevant disability shall alone be eligible for the benefit of reservation and other relaxations as permissible under the rules

5. HEADQUARTERS:At  places specifically stated against certain  posts, otherwise anywhere in India or aboard.

6. PROBATION:The persons selected will be appointed on probation as per rule

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