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Section- A Problem of Philosophy
1. Dr. C.D. Sharma (Indian Philosophy)
2. Dr. Deo Raj (Indian Philosophy)
3. Dr. Ya Mashiha (Western Philosophy)
4. Dr. Daya Krishna (Western Philosophy)
5. Dr. Franckena Thilly (Western Philosophy)
6. Dr. B.K. Lal (Contemporary Western Philosophy)
Section- B Logic
1. Dr. Irvin M. Copi 2. Ashok Verma (Symbolic logic)
Section- C Ethics
1. Dr. Divakar Pathak (Indian Ethic)
2. Dr. Dr. V.P. Verma (Western Ethic)
3. Dr. B.N. Singh (Ethics)
4. Lilly (Ethics)
Section- A Western Philosophy
1. By Franckena Thilly  
2. Dr. C.D. Sharma
3. Dr. Dayakrishna  
4.    Dr. Ya Mashiha
5. Dr. B.K. Lal    6. Dr. Lakshmi Saxena
Section- B Indian Philosophy
1. Dr. C.D. Sharma  
2. Dr. Deo Raj
3. Dr. Hiriyanna  
4. Dr. Radha Krishnan

Section- C Socio Political Philosophy

1. Dr. J.P. Sood Vol IV    2.Dr. Shiv Bhanu Singh
3. Dr. Gauba
Sec. B Philosophy of Religion
1. Dr. Ya Mashiha  
2. John Hick
3. Dr. V.P. Verma
Specific Books �Six ways of knowing by D.M. Datta


Essentials of Indian Philosophy: Books: M. Hiriyanna

Introduction of Indian Philosophy: Dutta & Chaterjee

Western Philosophy:    A history of Philosophy: Frank Thilly

Philosophy of Religion: Religion Philosophy: Y Masih

Social Political Philosophy:  Political Theory: O P Gauba

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