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LCD Samsung has put a lot of effort into this LCD TV. I’m not crazy about the bezel framing at nearly 3" in width surrounding the picture screen but the red Touch of Color adds class and appeal and overall it’s an attractive TV (unless your room décor doesnt tolerate red). Processing chip sets are upgraded and superb. 480I up conversion is excellent. Color information is vibrant yet still realistic. Black levels are some of the best tested for an LCD though they can overpower some dark scenes thus removing detail. The 120hz processing certainly works to cut down motion lag but is not recommended by us for film or TV show content viewing as it brings into view unintended material and detracts from depth.for turning off this feature. With sports or gaming programming it looks amazing so leave it on.



  • 120Hz processing needs to be turned off for film content viewing. Detracts from depth.
  • Up conversion pulldown processing very solid
  • Very good black levels can oversaturate dark matter detail
  • Attractive screen with Touch of Color but gloss screen does create glare from background light
  • Menu functionality is slick looking but a slow to use. No aspect button on remote.
  • Audio function has great volume, definition and surround effect.
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