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 watch1 Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of several models in its new “Edifice Gold Label” series of high-class metal watches for men who love the sense of speed associated with motor sports. The EFX-510SP and EFX-520SP feature a rose gold ion plating (IP)* finish.
The Edifice Gold Label watches represent the top-of-the-line series of the Edifice brand, and boast a heightened sense of class. Exquisite attention has been paid to materials and finish, and the watches feature a unique Edifice Gold Label logo and extremely hard, scratch-resistant sapphire glass.
The EFX-510SP and EFX-520SP project a powerful presence, thanks to the liberal use of a lustrous rose gold ion plating finish that has been applied to the original bold-cut decorative screws, the bezel, the band and other areas. The rose gold IP-coated strips on the band feature separately wrought elements finished with a checkered pattern, adding even more class to the look and feel of the design. The dial is made from carbon fiber – often used for auto components in motor sports – further emphasizing the sense of speed at the heart of the Edifice brand. The separate elements for the rings that surround the small dial windows create a bold, three dimensional appearance. Two designs are used for the time display, one on the watch face itself and the other on the dial ring, and the edge facets of the sapphire glass have been widely cut. These high-class features combine to give the watch face a truly impressive finish.
The case design also features protruding edges that lend protection to the crown and the buttons, while projecting power and massiveness, almost like the case was cut out of a single block of metal. The large buttons and crown are wider where they come into contact with the fingers, making them easier to use. Great care has been taken with the design of the button cylinders too, and an original logo has been cleverly incorporated into the chronograph’s second hand. As would be expected of a high-class Edifice series, these watches have been built to exacting standards, down to the smallest detail.
The EFX-510SP features a round face. The bezel boasts a dual structure, with the lower having a straight-cut edging, which creates a certain sharpness. The EFX-520-SP has a square face and a stylish finish.
Also released on this occasion are the Edifice models EFX-510BK and EFX-520BK, with a grey IP finish and a chic feel, and the EFX-510P and EFX-520P, which use a lightweight resin material for the band.

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  1. jay pathak April 13, 2009

    very good watch.