Ram's birthplace

10 major scenic spots of Ayodhya, Ram’s birthplace:

Ayodhya, one of the Saptapuris, is a very important religious and pilgrimage site for the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh communities. There are many monuments, temples and holy places of Indian religion. Come, let’s know about this briefly.

1.Ghats of Ayodhya: Ayodhya is a famous city of ghats and temples. The Saryu River flows through here. There are 14 major ghats along the banks of the Saryu River. Among these, the Gupt Dwar Ghat, Kaikeyi Ghat, Kaushalya Ghat, Papamochan Ghat, Laxman Ghat etc. are particularly notable.

Ghats of Ayodhya
Ghats of Ayodhya

2.Ram Janmabhoomi: The Ram Janmabhoomi is mainly seen in Ayodhya, where Ramlala sits.

3.Hanuman Temple: In the center of Ayodhya is a huge temple of Rambhakta Hanumanji in Hanuman Garhi.

Hanuman Temple  Hanuman Garhi
Hanuman Temple

4.Dentistry Kund: There is a Danthadhwan Kund in the Hanuman Garhi area where Shri Ram used to clean his teeth. This is also called Ram Datoun.

5.Kanak Bhawan Temple: The Kanak Bhawan temple of Ayodhya is also worth seeing where beautiful idols of Ram and Janaki are kept.


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6.Palace of King Dasharatha: Here the palace of King Dasharatha is also very ancient and huge.

7.Birthplace of Lord Rishabhdev: There is a Digambara Jain Temple in Ayodhya where Rishabhdevji was born. Apart from Adinath, Ajitnath, Abhinandanath, Sumatinath and Anantnath were also born in Ayodhya. Temples are also built here at his birthplace.


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8.Buddhist site: There are remains of Buddhist stupas on the Mani Mountains of Ayodhya. It is said that Vishakha, the chief worshiper of Lord Buddha, took initiation of Dhamma in Ayodhya under the guidance of Buddha. In memory of this, Visakha had established a Buddhist Vihara near Mani Parbat in Ayodhya.


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It is also said that after Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana, the Buddha’s teeth were kept in this monastery. Actually, here in the seventh century, Chinese traveler Hentsang came. According to him, there were 20 Buddhist temples and 3000 monks lived here and there was a major and grand temple of Hindus.


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9.Nandigram: 16 miles from Ayodhya are the Nandigrams where Bharat ruled by staying. There is a temple of Bharatkund Sarovar and Bharatji here.

10.Sri Brahmakund: Sikh devotees from every corner of the country and the world come to visit the Gurudwara Brahmakund Sahib (Sri Brahmakund) present in Ayodhya.


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It is said that the first Guru Nanak Dev of the Sikh community, 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur and 10th Guru Govind Singh (Guru gobind singh) meditated here at Gurdwara Brahmakund. According to the legend, Lord Brahma did penance near this place for 5,000 years.

On the one hand, there are pictures related to the stories of Guru Gobind Singh ji coming to Ayodhya in the Gurudwara Brahmakund, on the other hand, there are also weapons of his Nihang army, on whose strength he fought with the Mughal army for the protection of Ram Janmabhoomi.

11.Other pilgrimage sites: Also Sita’s kitchen, Chakra Harji Vishnu temple, Treta’s Thakur, Ram’s Pauri, Janaura, Guptarghat, Suryakund, Sonkhar, Saryu Par Chhapaiya village, Dasharatha shrine on Naryu coast, Nageshwar temple, Darshaneshwar temple, Places like Moti Mahal-Faizabad, Gulab Bari-Faizabad and Tulsi Chaura are also worth visiting.


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